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FK8 Secondary Radiator Cooling System (Hypothermia Kit)

“I’m happy to report that the refined version of my front mount secondary radiator kit, made by, it performed very well this weekend at Laguna Seca. The ambient temps were the same as when I was there 6 weeks ago at 67° and I ran on average about 2 seconds a lap faster than I did previously.

In these conditions the kit had a peak ECT of 217° vs 242° on the v1 homemade set up I had. So a 25° drop while going faster, that’s massive.

Additionally, I made some ducting just this week for the oil coolers and I saw my peak oil temps go from 259° down to 236°, a drop of 23°!

A pretty good weekend all around.” – @vroomfk8 (Insta)

Hypothermia Kit FK8 secondary cooling system

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